TDOA X4 Drone Detection

A standard X4 consists of 4 RF sensors and a management platform. Based on industry-leading TDOA positioning technology, the system offers early drone detection, model identification, positioning and trajectory tracking. It can freely expand to include any number of RF sensors.

The RF sensors collect and identify surrounding suspicious drone signals in real time, use the time differences between the signals arriving at different sensors to locate and track drone targets.

(drone detection,drone defense,counter drone,counter UAS,anti drone,anti UAS,jammer)



☑ Work mode:
Passive detection, TDOA
☑ Target:
Drone image-transmission signal
☑ Frequency:
100MHz – 6GHz
☑ Coverage:
4-15 km² (4 sites networking)
☑ Positioning error:
☑ Target numbers:
≥10 (simultaneously)
☑ False alarm rate:
≤ once per day


Typical deployment

Drone dection equipment