H1J Portable Drone Jammer

H1J is used for countermeasures of unwanted drones in the line of sight.

By jamming drone's control or GNSS signals, this device can drive unwanted drones away or force them to ground.

Once the device is turned on, it is ready to use with instant response speed. It adopts a foldable screen design for displaying of countermeasure status and battery level. It can be used separately, or to be combined with a drone detection handset to form an "detection and countermeasure in one" system

(drone detection,drone defense,counter drone,counter UAS,anti drone,anti UAS,jammer)



☑ Work mode:
Radio jamming
☑ Target:
Remote control and GNSS signal
☑ Jamming frequency:
☑ Range:
~1km (Varies due to environment and drone model)
☑ Continous jamming time:
☑ Dimension:


Portable Drone Jammer

Portable Drone Jammer

Portable Drone Jammer